SECCON CTF 2015 - Remote GDB

Given an ELF binary putskey and a text file log.txt. As the title suggests, log.txt is a remote GDB command log.

1. Reverse binary

The binary is simple. It reads two inputs, flag and enc using getc() into buffers in .data section. Then it xors two string into enc, and prints the result. But we don’t know the data.

The location of first input buffer is flag: 0x80d7300 ~ 0x80d7340. Second input buffer is located at rnd: 0x80d7340 ~ 0x80d7380. Resulting data are stored at enc: 0x80d7380 ~ 0x80d73c0.

2. Parse log file

Remote GDB protocol is throughly documented at and

First I focused on memory read command (m) because data are written in fixed locations. From this, content of rnd could be recovered:

65 6f 26 02 13 06 25 60 34 0b 27 3b 78 3a 26 00 39 4a 46 5d 3d 5e 58 36

Content of flag and enc did not appear in memory read commands. Instead, I found many repetitive breakpoint, continue and register (g) read command. I extracted eax of every register read command, hopefully contains the return value of getc(). Among bunch of numbers, I found the data that looks like flag.

36 2a 65 41 5c 48 5e 28 51 67 4b 54 3f 7e 64 50 4b 25 32 32 5e 31 34 4b

The answer is xor of two strings. SECCON{HelloGDBProtocol}.

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